The maintenance window is over so we're booting it back up now.

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As it turns out, there's a 2 hour maintenance window on our host that started 47 minutes ago. We'll let you know when the maintenance is complete and the site is back up.

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It would appear that the VM it's hosted on is offline. We tried bringing it back up to no avail. We've reached out to our hosting provider for further assistance and will keep you posted.

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Freak U appears to be down right now. We're investigating now.

Freak University is down right now because somehow everyone is signed in to the same account. We'll keep you posted.

Freak U is down right now because the VM it's on ran out of disk space. We're working on resolving the issue now.

Freak U is suffering a DDoS attack. It's getting late for our head admin, so if they're still at it tomorrow, she'll fix it then.

Site's going down for a little while to perform some maintenance work on the hard drive.

We're aware that freak university is down right now. The exact issue is unknown and out of our hands, so we've reached out to our hosting provider for support.

At this time there is no cause for concern. The most likely explanation is a denial of service attack.

We're working on setting up a code hosting server, for members and for us. Which address do you prefer?

Outbound federation is currently down due to some kind of networking issue. We've opened a support ticket with our host and will keep you posted.

One of our admins fucked up so the site's down till she fixes it

Added to our X-Clacks-Overhead header. Thanks to @comrade_lecter for the reminder.

Our head admin is still not really in a position to fix the site, but we have a pretty good idea of what to do.

In the meantime, text posts still work here, and if your app is crashing loading our site, you can use the website on your phone or PC.

The site is back, but uploading images is currently impossible. Old images continue to work. We're working on it now.

OK, we're in the process of ordering 256 GB of additional storage and will migrate to it as soon as we're able to.

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NNIA Space

There used to be a more vague description here, but sometimes it's better to get to the point. This is a site for paraphiliacs, allies, and everyone adjacent. This is not a porn site. Please, read the rules.


- no NSFW usernames;

- explain why you're interested in us.

Blank applications and unspecific applications (“I want to check it out”, “I want to meet people”) will be rejected. This is a site for minorities and supporters of minorities (especially paraphiliacs), so please, indicate that you understand it and want to be a part of it.