Well, 5 minutes on *our* end. It's fixed on our end now, and the changes will propagate worldwide shortly.

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Pedo School is down because our DNS host doesn't like us. Estimated downtime <5 minutes.

Go on pedo.school. See how it says "temporarily" unavailable? I wonder why…

Thanks to a generous donation from a member of youjo.love, our bills are paid in full until November. 😌

Any further donations will be put towards restoring pedo.school!

As you may have gathered, Freak University is now fully operational and accepting applications. ☮️

As mentioned, pedo.school is currently expected to be back within a month, as soon as we can transfer our domain. It will be run alongside freak.university, with the same rules, so you can just pick whichever name you like best when you make an account.

Poll time. (The results of the poll may not be enacted. This is just to gauge interest). Either of these options can be done in about a month!

Pros of pedo.school:
- pedo school,,,
- We can fix old posts and retain old accounts

Cons of the old domain:
- Not subtle. Will attract the wrong kind of attention.
- Pedo-specific

Pros of the next domain:
- It's a beautiful domain. Trust us.
- We'd be continuing the legacy of a former instance.
- It'd be general to all paraphilias
- It'd be more subtle

Cons of the next domain:
- Less memeable theme
- It'd be more subtle

Lmao who spent $15 on degenerate.academy to redirect it to youtube.com/watch?v=A69G_9-bo- ? Y'all antis care too much

That's the last time we brainstorm domain names in public. Don't worry though, we've thought of some good names since then too 😘

Our VPS is due for renewal. We're gonna let it expire unless we get enough cash (~$20 worth of Monero) in the next few days. Our Monero address is 47tmKTdK9vwZWH7hEtpTL4LxRjPqtFAd8UZsg1C84h1tN7gMRcR1147VTZVJp2dtvu35vMuYr3szLVCNUDDRmhEBS4F9zBw and you can easily buy Monero in your local currency at localmonero.co.

We'll still have backups of everything either way, and the Library and git repositories will be moved elsewhere.

Update (cc @Sirnalay @HasALoli) at this point, our hope of getting back pedo.school is nil. Since our domain reseller owns the domain, not us, the registrar (the company they bought it from) has no authority to step in on our behalf. Our only path of recourse is to sue our reseller for a potential violation of our contract with them, but after a cursory look it doesnt seem like they actually violated it.

So vote on what we should do next! (Sorry for the abbreviations but NNIA's character limits are quite small.) You can vote for multiple options (e.g. if you can't decide), but keep in mind we'll only run one instance.

Just got off the phone with ICANN. Since our domain is sold to us with a domain reseller, ICANN has no power to step in, so they referred us to Tucows, the company that our reseller is selling us the domain from. If Tucows also refuses to step in, then ICANN will be obligated to.

Also, pedo.school members that are currently scattered around normie fedi are welcome to make temporary accounts here. I won't be offended if you stop using them the moment the instance is back in some form. Just don't get lost.

It appears to be an issue with our domain registrar. However, the last communication we've received from them is an acknowledgement that they may receive some false abuse reports. We've replied to the ticket asking for more info. In the meantime, the site is still accessible over Tor here: pedosexv7hpe5q4nomg2d5fa6pkqjk. Communication with other instances will not work for as long as our clearnet domain is down.

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Pedo School is down right now. Cause unknown. We're looking into the issue now.

Pedo School is down right now to try and get IPv6 working.

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