Intro and rules thread:

NNIA stands for Non Normative Identities Alliance, a group for marginalized and stigmatized demographics. The purpose of the movement is promotion of health and support for these people, public awareness in absence of shame and thought policing.

NNIA was introduced as a concept on MAP twitter in 2019, as an attempt to find a common ground between the MAP community, the other paraphiliacs, queer people who don't want to discriminate against others, mentally ill people. We all have to live being stereotyped as predatory and less than human, and it's time to unite and make our voices heard.



1. Since this is a positivity and destigmatization space, no intolerant attitudes to other identities are allowed. As long as everyone lives safe, non-offending lives, they are welcome.

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2. Map contact discourse isn't allowed. While people with diverse views are welcome, all debates on questionable topics should occur in a special private chat on (ask Lecter for an invite). Simply stating your contact stance stance doesn’t count as debating. However, the site administration isn’t contact-neutral, and general statements supporting anti contact ideology are permitted, but pro contact are not.

3. Respect privacy and boundaries of other members. Disclosing personal information shared here to non-members isn't allowed, if you have a problem with another member, take it to the mods.

4. Posting NSFW images is not allowed, however, occasional NSFW topics can be discussed (jokes, educational questions, etc). The requirements are that the discussion is impersonal (no sexting between members), appropriate content warnings are added, and the post setting are switched to "friends only".

5. We don't condone sexual offending. People who want to use this space for grooming or sharing abusive images will be found and reported. However, if you're struggling with something and realize you need help, it's safe to write to us privately, and we'll do our best to connect you with a safe professional.

6. Don't post images of real life children, even if that's your own childhood photos.

7. While the server is in the test mode, the rules will be regularly updated.

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NNIA Space

There used to be a more vague description here, but sometimes it's better to get to the point. This is a site for paraphiliacs, allies, and everyone adjacent. This is not a porn site. Please, read the rules.


- no NSFW usernames;

- explain why you're interested in us.

Blank applications and unspecific applications (“I want to check it out”, “I want to meet people”) will be rejected. This is a site for minorities and supporters of minorities (especially paraphiliacs), so please, indicate that you understand it and want to be a part of it.