dou-haktitjehixiam rel Anna Slatz (ba-dou: vadias-doul bex nen mextagpalangpun!

Agat yepa tagninenvadias-esto adei @slatzism. eyrias tak uuch lutakbesminmeyo psseh tak ta-wolk weiterhaktagward psanduutem irl-mehtamam rel eyrias sagr ta-neshsusyolg-tamam.

ta-eyey yeshuheiyzem, moxmoxit rel uucheyey 🥚 🐇 🐰

If there’s one thing I’m going to teach my kids, it’s not to be MAPmisiac

vad va-ixsuuniak meizipter-esto tak iusmehtamam, gu vad-sumtikiak sagradit tamnaxairg

Antis be like "the first 37482 times society hated a group of people for the way they were born it was bad, but on the 37483rd time it was good"

Rape mention cw

An old tumblr post, originally by @Conbahami. It prevented a lot, including myself, from swaying in the wrong direction.

If a website is left uncrawled, does it truly exist?

I noticed that when this short story ( containing the MAP holodeck conlang was relatively new, Google could retrieve the terms. Now, Google, Bing, and their dependent items like DuckDuckgo and Startpage have eliminated this info, as do recent independent efforts like RightDao and Gigablast.

To my surprise, though, it appears in So maybe there's still one real search engine left.

Possible anti spin trigger 

Especially hungry McDonalds customers now under strict limit in Korea.

'vad-gregahvadiak ba-mossvadgward' esto yot tak ta-tse suuntagipteram rel dou meizipteriam. neshdehebesminiam!

Anti MAPs seem to really hate hearing that someone came out as a MAP and was accepted by a non-MAP friend, family member, etc.

So if this has ever happened to you, share your story.

They want you to believe that hardly anybody is on your side and that a "normal" person could never tolerate MAPs. They want MAPs to be afraid to come out, because that stifles progress for MAP acceptance on a large scale.

Prove them wrong.

Incredibly, virulently anti-ACMAP, reality-blocking, Munchausen-abetting thug Mike Salter is interviewed here as an expert on male empathy.


It's commonly accepted that you do not blame people for things beyond their control.

If we've never offended, we're told it's only a matter of time. But if we do offend, we're treated as if it was our choice.

So do we have free will or not? If we do, the discrimination is unjustified. If we don't, then we can't be blamed for what we do.

A magical bit of cognitive dissonance and we're given the worst of both worlds.

va-nenkol-esto nesh iamsu 

nuuneyriam ta-adei rel dou va-ta-huunias tak spleiloatuu.

psanipteriam-doul nen 'fedi' gu ta-trig tam rel ipteriam-doul dou miro!

Reply to missing toot.

@TheMewzter I've always wondered if you were Spaceykartkink. Well, there it is!


Bonus for holo readers (fun reward)

Totally kosher & above board, only head shots

psanhyeffiak va-elegsagkat psanduutem pipitaditik ta-zaffta irliusmehtam nen moxmoxyot ta-sunep targgward

https://mostbeautyㅂㅗυ. ㄹㅜ/

So antis try to destroy an ally and end up inspiring him to create an album dedicated to highlighting their powerlessness to subjugate minorities. I guess they have a valid use after all ;-)

Has anyone personally invited Darth or Crusender to join us here?

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