Possible anti spin trigger 

Especially hungry McDonalds customers now under strict limit in Korea.

Paraphrase: "What's wrong with moi, on record as attracted to femboys, insisting on conversing with a 15 year old femboy who says I'm giving them a pedo vibe and telling me to fuck off? Isn't that just normal?"

The toxicity that works well for anti-dom is not so well favored in flirting.

What Chippy didn't know enough to say: "OK so why then do you post the details on a big Google drive file and harass the minor for weeks and use it to threaten multiple other minors with the same treatment. And why do it even when the claimed problem is long over and done with, if it was ever real in the first place?

Crikey, what a brave bullshitter this sick sadist is.

This observation by @terminus makes me wonder if Twitter will be obliged to defend its 2018-2020 MAP policy as harmless and not connected to predatory behaviors.

The alternative would seem to be to let themselves be blackmailed into a big out-of-court settlement.

NNIA is a breeding down for disclosure of truths about the teen-torturing fake anti-CSA grifter Joseph Walker, aka Fulcrum, who would never acknowledge a conflict of interest.

Joseph Walker thinks not only that he can overcome physical spacetime limitations as a mind-reader, but also that he can read people's minds better than they can themselves. In his voodoo soothsayer majesty, he can divine the truth value of their experiences of love.

What a nut case.

moksham nenhaish-esto moksham! nistar haiyl esto ta-adei timeng inz sheeltekt yakuu adei ba-haiyl tak 'spyetkajzolt'

Twitter employees were fully aware that their website was facilitating the creation of an illegal, anti-democratic monster.


The next day, though, she was apparently quite happy to get so drunk that she wet herself while online, to the dismay of her 'children.'

tsetse, KEAREE_ dou eibetspakias yotmenggward yattat tak behen-esto iamze zweitagtokbesminam psseh ias esto ettohbex.

Twitter has put a great strain on democracy in its recent purge of the anti-offending pedophile community, who were among the most dedicated and dependable debunkers of conspiracy theories organized around pedo mythologies.

The invasion of Washington by terrorists yesterday was completely dependent on pedo-conspiracy-theory organizing (QAnon).

Who dares to debunk these lunacies when saying anything realistic about lawful pedophilia (the sexual orientation) causes account suspension?

Meet the tribe of people who stormed the Senate when their coup plotting was just beginning in 2016: justpaste.it/5wky3

The Four Hausfraus of the Aporkalypse

Posted by Bernie Najarian on 2016-October-24 12:35:35, Monday

Energized by the Trump campaign, four proudly “shitposting” women are staying home and weaving hate for America’s New Antisemitism.

Note the pedo-McCarthyism directed at Biden in these screenshots of Ashli Babbitt, the woman shot while trying to breach a window during the Washington riots.

Internet dialogue with Mia from Montreal, or "whole ass language" as she would fuckin' put it.

What is it with these Grundy knuckleheads? They want to mess in as pseudo police and counselors about online sexual exploitation, but then, like Mr. angry Joseph Walker here, they can't stop themselves from linking CSEM/child porn trading accounts and publicizing them!!! In this case, also publicizing an NSFW group chat involving ages 14-40.

The 'Zoophile Police' accounts did this; Jacqui Dillon did it. To name just two examples. The learning curve in 'anti' world is a boomerang back to stupid.

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