@rxuT_ozuT_iU As Keir pointed out, the one thing she does know is how to play to the crowd. She's gone beyond virtue-signalling and into virtue-belly dancing.

dou-haktitjehixiam rel Anna Slatz (ba-dou: justpaste.it/2qk1q) vadias-doul bex nen mextagpalangpun!

Agat yepa tagninenvadias-esto adei @slatzism. eyrias tak uuch lutakbesminmeyo psseh tak ta-wolk weiterhaktagward psanduutem irl-mehtamam rel eyrias sagr ta-neshsusyolg-tamam.

ta-eyey yeshuheiyzem, moxmoxit rel uucheyey 🥚 🐇 🐰

@logantheacnomap Any sense of encountering true beauty is a gift. I hope there's a happy niche for you someplace in your sexuality.

@Zest @nate_river To paraphrase an old song on Fulcrum's behalf, 'how ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm, once they've seen femboy butt?'

@comrade_lecter @akrasiac The early ones were attracted to teens, is the history I've read. The inclusion of real pedophiles was apparently an outreach effort.

@EQFoundation We need their farm animals to start talking. Something for science to work on. In 20 years "Trump Jr. cancelled by indignant goat."

@rxuT_ozuT_iU @nate_river It's ancient 'evil eye' superstition, and it is itself a superstitious evil.

@comrade_lecter In the US and UK, people are regularly arrested after being baited by fake teenagers.

@nate_river @akrasiac @Liminal We're gonna win this one. But you always have to think of how to keep yourself together to maximize your effectiveness.

@nate_river Maybe sex ed courses should teach neurotic people how to survive the possibility that someone is masturbating about them without their knowledge.

If there’s one thing I’m going to teach my kids, it’s not to be MAPmisiac

vad va-ixsuuniak meizipter-esto tak iusmehtamam, gu vad-sumtikiak sagradit tamnaxairg


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