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Here's another research team seeking subjects for a study on protective factors for people with sexual or romantic attractions with children. The researchers are not collecting identifying information, but I recommend using the Tor browser anyhow.

psan haktitjehixiak moxmoxyot 'iak-ektuu,' iakze ta-mexamsunep ba-churhyeff-meyo mein eibetsyolgias-biel.

@oopsalldreams This is true for me. I used to believe that if I was ever outed my life would be ruined, until I was outed to part of my family, and life continued, except I no longer felt it necessary to isolate myself for protection against being outed.

psan sapweishiak ipter tak dehvad suuntagipter inz tak pipit irliusmehtam, neshdehebesminiam 'ba-ba-deiyshmerchvad' nen netflix inz ralph fiennes gu archie barnes.

Rose Kalemba critiqued: "She encourages children to enter her pedohunter community on Twitter, and has them “bait” them. She encourages them to be around Child Sexual Exploitation Materials (CSEM), she encourages them to enact violence and harassment against anyone she disagrees with, and she encourages them to go into sex worker’s pages, get to arguments with sex workers, and to target us directly. She has them take the fall for the crimes and dangerous situations she’s asking them to do. She does NOTHING for these children. She does not pay them despite the fact that helped raise millions for Exodus Cry. She does not care about them. They are nothing but pawns to use so she can send the DOJ after sex workers and destroy our livelihoods."

Just another Shoe on the Head of a realistic approach to sexual issues.

As someone who's been in the MAP community since I was 15, I take serious issue with the recent stance that minors have no place in the community.

The MAP community is what allowed me start my journey of self-love and acceptance, if it weren't for it, I probably wouldn't even be alive today.

Young MAPs (especially closeted ones) need to understand that they aren't alone, and that there's people like them who know what they're going through, to push them aside (or even go as far as to claim they're lying about being MAPs) completely goes against why we have this community in the first place.

*coworker talking about conspiracy theories*
“That’s great buddy, hey can you get this work load over here?”
“You gotta listen Baron, the president is actually a satanic pedo-“
“We need to get this work done before it hits the time mark”
“ I’ll get it after I finish telling you😁”

@weiterhaktaket Has he been connected with any of the online terrorist hate groups targeting MAPs?

I've been saying for years...these sorts are terrorist, in the literal sense...and that many of them are violent, and serious about attacking/murdering/torturing MAPs.

Many are truly sick in the head.

'ANTI' (pedophile stigmatizer) ARRESTED!!

Notorious Capitol rioter known to trackers as "Helmet Boy," who yelled to police that they were "baby touchers," "pedophiles" and "faggots," has been identified as Zachary Jordan Alam and arrested in Denver.

Among the charges are Assault on a Federal Officer with a Dangerous or Deadly Weapon.

Note the the online anti-contact Minor Attracted Persons movement has been staunchly opposing and exposing neofascists in the MAGA since they first embarked on their campaign of pedophile-obsessed political fantasy in 2016. Neo-nazi women on Twitter, Pizzagate 1 Pizzagate 2 Assange as inventor of Pizzagate 'Dragon's Den' and Anonymous vs. Twitter

Republican Trump supporters are having a festival accusing an opponent who turned out to be an LGBT predator, John Weaver, of pedophilia, because he hits on 18+ college age men.

(Pedophilia isn't mentioned in this article, but it's relentless mentioned in social media posts about the content)

timagr tak hasang tamam nen inik pix-tiuurmeiziasiás iam ta-pantak ta-sagr rel moxmoxtarg ba-rel va-besminiam ta-va-adeinias ta-uduudworch.

Me: free speech is a crucial civic virtue whose reach extends far beyond the US' first amendment

Also me: if you "age up" Dipper Pines I will hang your entrails at the gates of the city as a warning to others

Say, I understand a surname for Nathan of Miro fame has been blowing in the wind here lately. Unfortunately, I had to reboot last night and lost my continuous feed record, so I'd be grateful if anyone could DM that to me. I have no plans to use this info, but I collect such things as a safeguard when people seem to be dedicated to causing harm.

@TheMewzter You can talk about them here. We encourage it! NNIA isn't just for minor attraction. Here's the description of our server from :

"NNIA stands for Non Normative Identities Alliance, a group for marginalized and stigmatized demographics. The purpose of the movement is promotion of health and support for these people, public awareness in absence of shame and thought policing."

Has anyone said you can't talk about cannibalism, necrophilia, or murder lust here? I'm one of the moderators, and I'm saying you can.

Paraphrase: "What's wrong with moi, on record as attracted to femboys, insisting on conversing with a 15 year old femboy who says I'm giving them a pedo vibe and telling me to fuck off? Isn't that just normal?"

The toxicity that works well for anti-dom is not so well favored in flirting.

🌎 Okhotnichʹi i promyslovyi͡a ptit͡sy evropeĭskoĭ Rossii i Kavkaza.
Moskva, I.N. Kushnerev, 1900-12.

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NNIA Space

NNIA stands for Non Normative Identities Alliance, a group for marginalized and stigmatized demographics. The purpose of the movement is promotion of health and support for these people, public awareness in absence of shame and thought policing.


- introduce yourself;

- no NSFW usernames;

- explain why you're interested in us.

Blank applications and unspecific applications (“I want to check it out”, “I want to meet people”) will be rejected. This is a site for minorities and supporters of minorities, so please, indicate that you understand it and want to be a part of it.