Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the moderators.

  1. Since this is a positivity and destigmatization space, no intolerant attitudes to other identities are allowed. As long as everyone lives safe, non-offending lives, they are welcome.
  2. Arguing between members on map contact discourse isn't allowed. While people with diverse views are welcome, all debates should occur on Element (ask Lecter for an invite). View a more detailed guide here:
  3. Respect privacy and boundaries of other members. Disclosing personal information shared here to non-members isn't allowed, if you have a problem with another member, take it to the mods.
  4. Posting NSFW images is not allowed. NSFW topics can be discussed (jokes, educational questions, etc). The requirements are that the post is impersonal (no suggestive conversations between members, no explicit fantasies), content warnings are added, and the post setting are set to "followers only".
  5. Do not approach chronological children and young teens with relationship intentions, on site or offsite, and do not accept their advances, unless you are their chronological peer. But if you're struggling with your behavior and realize you need help, it's safe to reach out, and we'll do our best.
  6. Don't post, solicit, or advertise child sexual abuse images. Also, don't post non-abusive and casual images of real life children, even if that's your own childhood photos.
  7. If you are a chronological young teenager, do not use this site to approach chronological adults or way older teenagers with relationship intentions.
  8. Do not encourage individuals or groups to commit suicide or claim that certain people or groups of people deserve to die. An exception will be made for clear vents about oppressors and good-natured joking with friends.
  9. Images with potentially distressing content, such as photos of accidents or surgeries, need to be marked as sensitive.